Adult Day Program

VRS operates two adult day care programs in Vancouver, both with funding support provided by Community Living B.C. (CLBC).  Our VRS W. 10th Kitsilano location (opened in 2000) currently has 43 clients that we serve on a full or part time basis.

Our newest VRS day program, Mountainview (opened in 2012) serves 17 clients in an intimate environment to support our clients varied needs. Both sites have well trained and dedicated staff who work with each individual, their caregivers and other key people in their lives to design activities that best suit each participant’s needs. The programs focus on socialization, enhancement of life skills, sensory stimulation, and active community involvement.

Examples of programs are music therapy sessions, swimming programs, creative arts programs, physical fitness programs and adventure recreation opportunities.  Programs are designed to meet the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and occupational wellness resulting in a better quality of life for our unique clients.

An area in which both Adult Day programs have been further developing is vocational and work experience opportunities for the clients we serve.  Both Mountainview and W. 10th Day Programs have an active Landscaping programs that provide our clients with practical job skills while connecting with nature and the community we engage in.

The VRS Karma Gifts, social enterprise is designed to ensure our clients continue to grow and achieve their potential.  Our clients create gourmet cookie packages and gift baskets for various community organizations/companies in the lower mainland.  Our customers’ purchases empower our clients through conscious giving.

Both of our VRS Adult Day Programs are distinctive and stimulating and have been a great success for the individuals we serve and our Organization