Vancouver Resource Society (VRS) is a registered charitable organization and will provide an offical tax receipt for every donation we receive. Any support that you are able to provide benefits our clients a great deal and is most welcome.

The areas we  actively fundraise for include our:

      • Children’s Program – Priorities in this program for VRS include special equipment and items that enhance the lives of our kids.
      • Specialized Residential – This program provides 24hr care to medically fragile clients. Donations are used to upgrade and purchase specialized equipment.
      • Maintenance & Upgrades of our client’s homes – One of our greatest challenges is the upkeep of our residences. Donations are always welcome in this area.
      • To the Greatest Need – A donation to this category enables VRS to deal with priorities and emergencies that arise during the course of the year.

** Since 1998 the Independent Contractors and Business Association od B.C. (ICBA) have contributed over $200,000 for the upkeep & improvements to our homes.