As we come to the end of a week like no other I can remember, I want to send a note to say thank you. In the past two weeks, a constant barrage of new COVID-19 developments, information and regulations have turned the world upside down. The fundamental routines and rhythms of our daily lives – at home and at work – have significantly changed, and we have had to completely rethink and reprioritize our personal and our company priorities, processes and procedures.

Despite what has felt at times like chaos and confusion, what stands out for me from this past week or so is the grit, determination and commitment demonstrated by our employees at VRS. I am impressed by our teams’ toughness, compassion, dedication, work ethic and loyalty. It is in our DNA to forge ahead and get it done. I respect, value and admire that.

There is no playbook or precedent for the climate we are living in, as we diligently try to balance the need to keep our residents, clients and employees safe. We know you, your families and our residents and clients depend on us and we take this responsibility seriously.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your efforts, your honesty, your hard work, your commitment and most importantly your trust.

With best wishes,
Ken Fraser
Executive Director, VRS