By Anita Courtney, resident at Orchard Gardens Seniors Community in Kelowna

My name is Anita Courtney and I have lived at Orchard Gardens Seniors Community in Kelowna for just over 2 years. I was both humbled and thrilled to be able to speak publicly about my decision to move to this community.

Prior to arriving at Orchard Gardens, I suffered a stroke that left me unable to perform the tasks that go part and parcel with daily life. Like many seniors, I was extremely reluctant to exchange the independent life I had for one that would now be spent in what a common stigma refers to as a “home” for the elderly. With a healthy amount of persuasion from my children, I am grateful to have found my place in a community that is, indeed, a home but it has become my home in every wonderful sense of the word!

I grew up in Kelowna and gave more than 30 years of my life to a career in nursing. It was the most rewarding experience I could have ever hoped for and having worked in care, I can fully appreciate the many moving parts of the seniors housing industry and what it takes to build and maintain a community like Orchard Gardens.

My absolute favourite part of living here is the safety component, especially during these pandemic times. At Orchard Gardens the residents are, despite Covid, enjoying a community lifestyle that allows them, from time to time, to forget about the pandemic currently wreaking havoc all around us. The management and staff are approachable and always place our needs and safety at the forefront of their agenda – this is our home, and they truly provide the services that make us feel special.

After two wonderful years at Orchard Gardens, I have made many meaningful human connections and can only say to those of you who are on the fence and afraid of transitioning to seniors housing, “do not wait too long!” Come speak with the friendly people at Orchard Gardens and discover the difference a supportive housing community like ours will make whilst enjoying the life you deserve.

We look forward to meeting you!

Orchard Gardens Seniors Community is located in Kelowna, BC and offers affordable, quality independent retirement living options. Book your tour today 250.979.0600 or email