Making the move to a retirement home can be a big one. The decision to leave your current home behind is big, no matter what age you are! If your loved one is anxious about making the transition to a senior living community, taking advantage of respite care at a seniors home can give your aging loved one the opportunity to be a guest for a few weeks, or months, to see if moving to a seniors community is a good fit

What is Respite Care?

Respite care provides short-term care for seniors who might be experiencing a health emergency or whose current in-home caregivers may need a little extra support. 

Despite how positive an experience respite care can be for both seniors and their families or caregivers, few people take advantage of it. At a VRS seniors community, our respite guests enjoy:

Talking About Respite Care with Your Senior Loved One

With all the perks, respite care at a VRS seniors community is almost like a senior specific all-inclusive hotel! 

If this sounds like it might be a good option for you, here are a few tips on how to talk to your senior loved one about respite care.

1. Let them be a part of the decision process

Be honest with your loved one. Assure them that this isn’t a sneaky way to get them to move into a seniors home, but a chance for them to experience something that might end up being a great change in their life. Let your loved one be a part of the process. Choose dates carefully with them so that they are prepared and know the start and end date of their stay. Look at events and activities coming up and plan their stay so that your loved one can participate in anything that might be of special interest to them. 

2. Bring some of their belongings with

While it’s not a permanent move, it can still make a difference for your loved one to have some of the comforts of home as they adjust to life in a seniors community. Bring a few photos, books, or a comfy blanket to help make the respite suite feel more like home. 

3. Talk to your Seniors Community team

Communicate with the team at your chosen seniors community. Make sure they know that this is a trial stay that could turn into a permanent situation. They’ll make sure your senior loved on has plenty of chances to connect with other residents and help them navigate around the community so that they feel comfortable, connected, and familiar with their surroundings.

VRS seniors communities in BC and Alberta offer short term respite care to seniors. Check out one of our 11 locations in BC and Alberta to learn more about our respite services and the services and amenities our seniors communities have to offer!

VRS Communities has 11 seniors communities across BC and Alberta, including:

Lakeside Gardens in Nanaimo

Ross Place in Victoria

Pacific Carlton in White Rock

Sunnyside Manor in White Rock

Orchard Gardens in Kelowna

Sunshine Ridge in Osoyoos

Silver Springs in Vernon

Charles Manor in Penticton

Andover Terrace in Salmon Arm

Shuswap Lodge in Salmon Arm

Garneau Hall in Edmonton