Students and seniors in Penticton, B.C., are creating connection and community while staying apart during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KVR Middle School and Charles Manor Independent Living Facility teamed up to launch a pilot pen-pal program.

The initiative matched up 50 Grade 6 students with seniors and the pairs have exchanged letters and Christmas cards.

“It makes me really happy to hear them being happy to receive letters because I know it’s been really hard for them being stuck inside and not being able to see their family,”

Madelyn Meashaw, student

The correspondence is helping to reduce social isolation amid the pandemic as seniors face visitor restrictions and physical distancing rules.

“The part I miss the very most is getting together with the family,”

Aggie Clarke, 94

“I think it’s (the project) one of the best things that could be, because a lot of these young people don’t know what old grandmas and grandpas are about at all, so I think it’s a real good idea.”

The pen-pal project is enriching the lives of these young people as well as they forge new friendships.

“I think that especially during the pandemic because we are not allowed to hang out with friends, I’ve actually gained new friends from pen-pals,”

Paisley Lafferty

The pilot project is a spinoff of a wider civic initiative to help Penticton become more age-friendly.

“There are not many opportunities for our students to get out there and connect, so to have the opportunity to do it virtually was such a great idea,”

Steve DeVito, KVR Middle School Principal

The students went virtual by sending personalized videos to spread holiday cheer at Christmas time.

The initiative is helping to bridge generations by bringing people together while staying physically apart.

“I think it’s one of the best things that could be,”


“I’d like to get another letter from them and even get to meet them someday,”

Juanita Conn, 88, Clarke’s sister

Organizers hope the exchange of letters and cards will continue for, at least, the rest of the school year.

Article originally published by the Global News.