By Andrew Trinder, Director of Operations, VRS Communities Seniors Living

If we turn back the clock to October 2019, we at VRS Communities reached a new phase in our operations. As a BC-based, not-for-profit provider of Seniors housing, we garnered considerable accolade, trust, and respect within the communities we served. Overnight we doubled in size with the acquisition of an additional 6 Senior Living communities in Nanaimo (Lakeside Gardens), South Surrey (Pacific Carlton and Sunnyside Manor), Kelowna (Orchard Gardens), Salmon Arm (Andover Terrace), and Edmonton (Garneau Hall).

We were excited for the future.

Just as we were building relationships with our amazing new teams and residents and planning our improvements to property and services, we (along with all people and organizations everywhere) were faced with Covid. Anticipating the worst, we immediately refocused and put all our efforts into keeping our staff and 1200 residents safe. Protocols and processes changed overnight – and didn’t stop changing. Meanwhile, residents, having already faced much adversity in their lives, responded incredibly well and with appreciation despite feeling the effects of multiple “lockdowns”.

Senior Living operations worldwide faced scrutiny and, for some, terrible outbreaks. No matter the quality of care, services, and infection control measures, no community seemed immune to the risk; however, that has changed. Because of vaccinations, relief came to Seniors’ communities in BC and Alberta, all of whom endured so much through the pandemic. Senior Living housing is flourishing again. Vaccinations continue to be the game-changer and as a result, Senior Living is once more serving seniors looking for or needing a change of lifestyle and living.

We at VRS communities appreciate people choosing to get vaccinated; it is saving the lives of so many, but also allowing our seniors to live their lives to their fullest once again.

We are excited for the future.

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